about us

Who we are

We are a team of young and enthusiastic racers who have had a passion for motorsports throughout our lives. There are no part time racers here. Steve Rickman who founded the Atomica project has been involved in racing since 1991 and has excelled on all levels in doing so. Having worked with some of the best drivers North America has to offer has been a privilege for the Canadian who decided to pursue the venture of developing his very own line of racing chassis with you the racer in mind. Atomica was born out of a love for racing and an enthusiasm for a sport that runs deep within anyone who encounters it.

There are no passers by, racing is more than a sport, it is a lifestyle which is why Atomica is driven to use our energy to push the limits of the sport and integrate it with our everyday lives. We are not only pushing to constantly be on the leading edge of racing technology by using the highest quality tubing available on our frames which are robot welded then equipped by hand selected top of the line components. We are also ensure that every detail and aspect of our product is elite right down to our apparel line which is all made from high quality fabrics and are produced in a Lab here in Vancouver by great people who really care about the product that collectively we put out.

Atomica simply put is racing done right and we look forward to having you along for the ride with us.

why choose us

Each fraction has its stamps on the product development. We build clean coded, high quality designed themes and plugins. The best thing is our products are conceived in innovation. We update latest knowledge continuously and want to share those privileges to our users. Our missions: Constantly Enhance Code: It’s significant to us to optimize and improve the code to raise the standard of our product quality. The product is designed for users, no matter who they are. Bring Design To The Next Level: To us, Design is the process of problem solving to create best user experience on site. Provide Best Customer Support: We love to keep in touch and analyze customers’ demands to provide the most efficient customer support. It’s your favor to tell us where our products get wrong. The purpose of our documentation is providing all-you-can-need information to realize your ideas, inspired by the Design.