The Atomica SLS is our flagship model kart chassis, designed to be as universal as possible and competitive in all conditions and on all tires. The SLS is based on a 30mm frame design using ultra-high quality tubing that features a 32mm front cross bar which lets you turn in to the corner with ease yet with a front end responsive enough to attack any apex. This chassis will be perfect for any single speed format whether it’s ROK, X30, Rotax or even an LO206 this kart is the perfect machine for you, lots of grip with a rear that doesn’t over grip and releases freely off of the corners. The Agile bodyworks offer aerodynamic performance while weighing less than any bodywork kit on the market giving you yet another edge. The AP Race 01 brake system provides you with powerful braking and you may adjust them to your preference through different available pad compounds and furthermore a lightweight Ceramic disc is available for those again trying to shed significant weight and rotating mass for greater acceleration.

30/32mm Frame
50mm Axle
AP Race Brake System
Mag Rims
Greyhound Silver Seat
Agile ultra light weight bodyworks
Custom Atomica decal package
340mm Alcantara Custom Atomica Steering Wheel
Adjustable front/rear ride height
Adjustable Caster/Camber
Adjustable Ackerman